Pferde und einige Hörner
(Horses and some Horns)

The film Pferde und einige Hörner (Horses and some Horns) is an ongoing project that has two main themes: the emergence and division of inequality and the image of the artist, a theme that is already present in Roses and Thorns. The unicorn differs from the horse only because of the horn on its forehead, and this makes the figure superior to the horse in almost all respects. In the film, the world of the unicorns stands for the world of humans, while the horses living among them are classified as merely animals or inferior beings whom the unicorns exploit.

Unicorn Stories
Finnish Institute in Germany (2020)

English translation from German:
Tamerlane Camden-Dunne

Concept: Markus Jäntti-Tuominen
Camera: Nelli Jäntti-Tuominen

Puppetry: Ella Jäntti

© Jäntti 2021