Markus Jäntti-Tuominen

In Memory of Grandpa

In Memory of Grandpa was presented at Mänttä Art Festival in 2018. Exhibited in an intimate space resembling a balcony the viewer would come up to an installation of several sculptures with two pictures on the walls. The pictures are made of colourful foam cut with laser, the larger one depicting a collection of different figure like shapes some of which can be found in the sculptures. The smaller picture is portraying a sculpture lying underneath it in wooden box. The installation is a ceremonial scene of a cheerful farewell. In Memory of Grandpa is not an actual remembering of the artist’s own grandfather but a burial of an old idea of manhood. It is being closed in a coffin whilst the other figures are already turning away ready for departure.

 Photos: Nelli Jäntti-Tuominen
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